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Laminaria operates on the border between sapiens and fauna. It presents possible futures in a new bio/techno/natural world, a universe that is at once terrestrial and aquatic, a prerequisite for future coexistence. In this garden of marine delights, our ecological consciousness explores the speculative time that occurs in the form of a loop. Can a human being become entangled in an erotic entwinement  with Laminaria? Do we reject or embrace the slimy substance, produced by Fucus serratus, that weaves a membrane of space-time around our bodies?  
Do we experience the cooperation with organisms from the sea as transforming, regenerating, transmuting? As a possible and renewable future that meanders endlessly, drawing us into its fertile depths, revealing to us a future archaeology? Do we remain connected in a process of eternal becoming, in an energy flow of future perfection, embodying a thousand forms that lived before us?